Americans are famous for our sense of fun and hospitality. Come to our monthly social TIGF! to make new friends and check us out. 

See our Events page to register for upcoming celebrations.

Our members come from all over the world. Many of us are well traveled and can say with confidence that New Zealand is a great place to call home. Some of us have just arrived on work visas while others have lived here for 50 years. Membership certainly has its privileges - especially if you like our cuisine!


Americans certainly know how to have fun, and when we get together with our New Zealand counterparts - anything can happen! Once you are confirmed as a member, you will be invited to all our events at member rates, and gain secure access to our members only pages. 

The American Club events provide opportunities to network and meet new friends. We enjoy strong affiliate relationships with other organizations including the US Consulate, the American Chamber of Commerce, American Women's Club, Canadian Club, Fulbright New Zealand and the American/Canadian Softball League. 

Our American Club Executive Committee meets bi-monthly. Please introduce yourself at our next event, or by email, if you would like to join our leadership team.

Peter Brown Memorial Friendship Award. Each year, $2000 NZ is awarded to a New Zealand student to support their USA undergraduate studies. We welcome donations, promotional or gift items for raffles, and volunteer fund raising assistance toward our cause. If you would like to donate, become a corporate sponsor, or apply for the Award, please visit our Award pages or contact us directly.

We look forward to getting to know you better. Feel free to email us.